Trump Admin to Migrant Children: Let Them Eat Snacks

July 2018: HHS Sec. Azar Brags About Migrant Children “Getting Snacks”

June 2019: Trump Admin Cancels English Classes, Soccer, and Legal Aid for Migrant Children

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today the Washington Post reports that the Trump administration is “canceling English classes, recreational programs” including soccer, in addition to “legal aid for unaccompanied minors staying in federal migrant shelters nationwide.” Just last summer, Health and Human Services Sec. Alex Azar defended the administration’s horrific family separation policy by bragging that migrant children were “getting snacks,” “education,” and “athletics.”

Earlier this week it was also reported that the administration’s “botched family reunifications left migrant children waiting in vans overnight,” most spending at least 23 hours in the vehicles.

“Not even a year ago, HHS Sec. Azar was defending the living conditions forced on migrant children separated from their families because of the Trump administration’s zero tolerance immigration policy. He was bragging that that these children were getting snacks, an education, and exercise,” said Karl Frisch, a spokesperson for Restore Public Trust. “Now that the administration is canceling English classes, soccer, and other programs, will Azar finally step forward and condemn the administration’s horrific policy or will he send a ‘let them eat snacks’ message to the children in federal custody?”


HHS Secretary Azar’s Claimed That Children In ORR Care “Happy” Because They have Access To Education, Athletics, and Snacks

  • Azar Claimed That Children In ORR Care “Get Education. They’re Getting Athletics. They’re Getting Entertainment. They Get Medical Care, Dental Care, Mental Health Care, Vision Care. They’re Getting Snacks.” Azar told CNN that what HHS does “is we provide as caring an environment. They get education. They’re getting athletics. They’re getting entertainment. They get medical care, dental care, mental health care, vision care. They’re getting snacks.” He also said “These kids were happy.” [CNN, 7/10/18]

Trump Admin Cancelling English Classes, Soccer and Other Programs for Migrant Children in Federal Custody

  • Citing Budget Pressures, the Trump Administration is Canceling English Classes, Soccer, and Legal Aid for Unaccompanied Migrant Children. “The Trump administration is canceling English classes, recreational programs and legal aid for unaccompanied minors staying in federal migrant shelters nationwide, saying the immigration influx at the southern border has created critical budget pressures. The Office of Refugee Resettlement has begun discontinuing the funding stream for activities — including soccer.” [Washington Post, 6/5/19]

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