TRADE: Watchdog Launches Digital Ad Campaign Opposing Big Pharma Giveaway As USMCA Negotiations Reach Final Stages

WASHINGTON – Today, Restore Public Trust Director Lizzy Price released the following statement as negotiations on the USMCA trade agreement are reported to be in their final stages. In the coming days, Restore Public Trust will also be launching a digital ad campaign and petition drive calling on members of Congress to remove the provision in the trade agreement that protects the pharmaceutical industry from generic competition on biologic drugs for ten years.

“It’s no surprise that the pharmaceutical industry is desperately lobbying and calling in political favors to protect the sweetheart deal it secured in the trade agreement, but anyone who cares about reducing prescription drug costs must demand that the Big Pharma giveaway be removed before a trade deal is allowed to move through Congress.

“President Trump and Congress promised to reduce the costs of prescription drugs, but an international agreement to protect pharmaceutical industry profits and block access to generic drugs for patients wouldn’t lower drug prices — it would protect drug companies.

“We call on President Trump and members of Congress to remove the pharmaceutical industry’s sweetheart deal from the trade agreement and focus on the promises they’ve made to patients and families. Until that happens, we’re going to make sure people across the country know what their elected officials are doing and are able to hold them accountable.”


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