Restore Public Trust Statement on Supreme Court Ruling: Trump Admin’s Political Scheme is Way Out of the Strike Zone

WASHINGTON – Following the Supreme Court’s decision on adding the citizenship question to the 2020 Census, Restore Public Trust released the following statement today from spokesperson Lizzy Price

“Chief Justice Roberts made the right call in holding that the Trump administration’s scheme to use the census to its political advantage is way out of the strike zone. That doesn’t mean this issue is dead – far from it – but all courts moving forward will have to look at the Commerce Department’s motives with extreme skepticism.”

“The citizenship question is a direct threat to our democracy and Americans deserve to know the full extent that Trump officials are willing to go to disenfranchise the Latinx community for their own political advantage. Congress has a responsibility to investigate the real motivations behind General Barr, Secretary Ross, and President Trump’s weaponizing of this non-partisan tool.”

Press Release

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