Restore Public Trust on Family Separation Hearing: Where is Alex Azar?

House Energy and Commerce Committee Probes Failures of Trump Administration’s Inhumane Family Separation Immigration Policy but Azar Is Nowhere to be Found


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today the House Energy and Commerce Committee is examining the failures of the Trump administration’s family separation immigration policy. Though the hearing features a variety of government officials and experts in the field of child health, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar is noticeably absent despite the significant and problematic role he played in the disastrous policy.

“Where is Alex Azar? When will he avail himself to on-the-record questioning by members of Congress about his role in this contemptible policy to separate families,” asked Karl Frisch, a spokesman for Restore Public Trust. “This crisis is ongoing – migrant families are still being separated and detained. Children were physically abused and sexually assaulted – some even died. It is no wonder Sec. Azar is afraid to answer for his role in this horrific policy and instead passed the buck to a civil servant.”

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