Restore Public Trust Launches New Site After Outrage Over Ross Comments

Restore Public Trust’s Follows Ross’ Comments Showing Utter Disregard for Struggling Furloughed Federal Employees

WASHINGTON — One day after Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross questioned why unpaid government workers need the assistance of food banks to feed their families — and on the day these workers miss a second paycheck — Restore Public Trust, a group focused on exposing government corruption, launched a new interactive website — — that shows Ross’ history of laying off working Americans in cities across the country and gives more background on his career before joining the Trump Administration.

The new website exposes Ross’s track record of cutting jobs in communities across 11 states, from the Great Lakes to the Carolinas. The Trump administration promised to bring jobs back to states that have never recovered from the recession, but the site maps out how Trump’s own Commerce Secretary is responsible for laying off workers in places like Ohio and Michigan.

“Secretary Ross has proven himself out-of-touch and unqualified to serve as Commerce Secretary. His failure to understand the impact of missed paychecks on federal government employees and his harsh treatment of manufacturing workers in struggling states is disqualifying,” said Caroline Ciccone, Executive Director for Restore Public Trust. “Americans deserve to know if Ross is using his government job for personal gain in addition to his shameful dismissal of struggling public servants, but he still hasn’t released his financial disclosure. Secretary Ross is bad for the economy and for American workers. Congress should investigate ‘Job Loss Ross’ and his business dealings that have devastated American workers.”

Ross’ companies shipped thousands of jobs overseas before his work at Commerce, hurting American manufacturing. In total, over 11,000 workers were laid off at companies Ross controlled, companies off of which Ross and his investors made billions.

Ross is doing little to curb Americans’ economic anxieties while the stock market remains volatile and the federal government remains shut down with no resolution in sight. As the new website shows, Ross’ record is clear: he has previously lined his pockets while laying off thousands of workers.

  • Ross laid off over 11,000 workers in 11 states
  • Over 2,500 jobs were lost in North Carolina, the state hurt the most at Ross’ hands
  • 500 jobs were cut at one textile plant alone in Hurt, Virginia
  • In Ohio, Ross cut automobile manufacturing jobs five times in four cities features:

  • Interactive map
  • Data on layoffs with state and city-specific data
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Restore Public Trust is a non-partisan public interest group focused on exposing corruption and malfeasance at the highest levels of government. We strive to educate the public and policymakers on these important issues. We are a critical resource for elected officials investigating public corruption; Americans looking for more information about what their government is or isn’t doing to advocate on their behalf; and journalists examining the alleged malfeasance of government officials.

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