REPORT: Trump Admin Inflicted Trauma by Separating Children from Their Families

WASHINGTON — A new report from the Health and Human Services (HHS) department’s inspector general indicates migrant children were traumatized by their separation from their families by the Trump administration. Meanwhile, mental health clinicians were concerned they were unable to address the children’s mental health issues given the intense level of trauma they had experienced.

“The Trump administration traumatized migrant children when it took them away from their parents. It then placed them in shelters that were not prepared to address their trauma. With each passing week, we learn new horrific details about the failure of this administration to care for these children with even the slightest bit of compassion,” said Karl Frisch, a senior advisor to Restore Public Trust. “Congress owes it to the families separated and disregarded by this administration to hold those responsible for this policy accountable.”

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