OPM Survey: Trust in Chao’s Leadership Hits Record Low Among Staff

WASHINGTON – A new survey from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) revealed that that morale across government agencies fell for the second year in a row under the Trump administration, with Department of Transportation staff reporting the steepest drop in how they viewed effective leadership among large agencies. Restore Public Trust released the following statement in response:

“Secretary Chao’s own staff think she’s failing,” said Lizzy Price, director of Restore Public Trust. “Maybe that’s because she’s focused on using her department to bolster her family’s company and her husband Mitch McConnell’s political career rather than leading her department effectively. How are Americans expected to trust Chao when her own staff don’t believe in her?”

The OPM survey also specified that the sharpest drop in perceived leadership effectiveness at the transportation department was in the Office of the Secretary — an office under Elaine Chao’s direction.

Earlier this week, POLITICO reported new evidence of Chao’s long pattern of favoritism toward Kentucky, where Chao’s husband Mitch McConnell is running for reelection.


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