New Poll: CO and AZ Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose Trump Family Separation Policy, Want Senators to Hold Admin Accountable

Swing state Arizona’s McSally and Colorado’s lone statewide Republican Gardner  likely to lose support if they fail to hold the administration accountable

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Restore Public Trust today released a new poll showing that Colorado and Arizona voters overwhelmingly oppose the Trump administration’s family separation policy. The poll also found that Arizonans and Coloradans would support challengers to their Republican Senators if they fail to do their job and hold the administration accountable for the crisis.

ARIZONA: View the Poll HERE and Memo HERE.

COLORADO: View the Poll HERE and Memo HERE.

“We’ve continued to see reports over the last few months detailing the administration’s ongoing family separation policy and their treatment of separated children, including extremely disturbing reports about sexual abuse,” said Karl Frisch, a spokesperson for Restore Public Trust. “Senators Martha McSally and Cory Gardner must push for an end to this horrific policy, or risk losing the support of their constituents.

The new poll found that 57% of Coloradans and 60% of Arizonans oppose Trump’s family separation policy. The poll also found that voters in both states are deeply troubled by the policy’s impact on separated children. More than three-quarters of voters are concerned about reported incidents of sexual abuse of children in U.S. custody, that some children may never be reunified with their families, and that the administration recklessly separated children from their families without a plan to return them.

ARIZONA TOPLINES: Roughly two-thirds (64%) of McSally’s constituents support Congressional action to increase accountability on the administration and force it to end the policy of separating children from their families, including half (50%) who strongly support Congressional action. If she does not take any action in the U.S. Senate to hold the administration accountable for its family separation policy, more than half (54%) of her constituents would support replacing her in office.

COLORADO TOPLINES: In a resounding condemnation, Coloradans in this poll urge action by Congress to hold the administration accountable and end family separations. Nearly two-thirds of Coloradans support action by Congress to increase accountability on the administration and force an end to the family separation policy (66% support/31% oppose), including 55% who strongly support Congressional action on the issue.

Frisch continued, “2020 is around the corner, and this polling highlights a core weakness for Sens. McSally and Gardner. They must push for an end to Trump’s horrific child separation policy.”

Global Strategy Group conducted a survey of 602 likely 2020 general election voters in Colorado from March 13 to 17, 2019. The results of this survey have a margin of error of +/-4.0%.

Earlier this year, Restore Public Trust launched a campaign to hold accountable the agencies, companies, and individuals who are responsible for developing, implementing, and/or defending the policy. RPT will also drive accountability campaigns against lawmakers in their home states and target corporations who are benefiting from the policy. They will also encourage companies to avoid hiring or working with any Trump administration officials who were involved in developing, implementing, or defending the family separation policy.

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