NEW: Big Pharma Pours Millions Into Pro-Trump Groups As Negotiations On Trade Deal Reach Final Stages

WASHINGTON – Today, Lizzy Price, Director of Restore Public Trust, released the following statement in response to a new report from the Center for Responsive Politics that exposed millions of dollars in new spending by the pharmaceutical industry on conservative and pro-Trump groups that are pushing pro-industry and anti-patient policies. This is just the latest news of the pharmaceutical industry and their lobbyists purchasing influence, standing with their allies in the Trump Administration, and desperately trying to protect their profits from pro-patient policies as negotiations appear to be wrapping up on the USMCA deal and the House prepares to pass their “Lower Drug Costs Now Act.”

“The pharmaceutical industry is pulling out all the stops to support the Trump administration and their conservative allies because they know that their friends and former colleagues in the administration are putting their interests and profits front and center at a time when they desperately need the support. Big Pharma is spreading money around DC, lobbying their friends in the administration, and calling in favors they’ve purchased in a desperate attempt to protect the sweetheart deal they secured in the USMCA trade deal and block the House’s ‘Lower Drug Costs Now Act.’

“But people across the country are sick and tired of the corruption and influence-peddling that is keeping prescription drug costs so high, and the pharmaceutical industry’s attempts to buy influence will backfire.”

Learn more about the vast network of connections between individuals in the Trump administration and Big Pharma, visit

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