Need for Accountability on the Census Citizenship Question Remains

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Restore Public Trust issued a statement today after the Trump administration reversed course and decided to exclude a citizenship question from the 2020 Census:

“It took a major blow from the Supreme Court to get the Trump administration to drop their shameful effort to disenfranchise the Latinx community and others through the 2020 Census, but given the President’s comments this morning, we aren’t fooling ourselves into thinking his administration has given up completely,” said Lizzy Price, Acting Director for Restore Public Trust. “Congress and the courts still have a responsibility to uncover the motives of Trump administration officials at the Commerce Department, who pushed for this politically motivated ill-intentioned question. We must remain vigilant against new and similar attempts.”

“Chief Justice Roberts agreed last week that the Census is not a battleground for political fights and it is Congress’ duty to fully investigate any member of the Trump administration who played a part in advocating to weaponize our country’s next Census proceedings,” Price continued.


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