Ignoring Boeing Tragedies, Chao Claims Eliminating Regs Help Safety

WASHINGTON – Yesterday in Florida, Secretary Elaine Chao said we should get rid of regulations in order to help safety. Restore Public Trust director Lizzy Price made the following comment in response:

“It’s pretty brazen for Secretary Chao to be touting deregulation after what we’ve learned about her agency’s lax regulation, which led to the Boeing 737 Max crashes. Americans deserve a leader that tries to solve the problems that led to the Boeing tragedies, instead of sticking to dangerous political talking points that allow the industry to self-regulate.”


SHOT: Chao: “When We Get Rid Of Unnecessary, Burdensome Regulations, That Helps Safety Because We’re Focused On What’s Really Important.” “When we get rid of unnecessary, burdensome regulations, that helps safety because we’re focused on what’s really important.” [Florida Politics, 12/3/19]

CHASER: Washington Post HEADLINE: FAA’s lax oversight played part in Boeing 737 Max crashes, but agency is pushing to become more industry-friendly. [Washington Post, 10/28/19]


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