ICYMI: More Chao/McConnell Corruption

WASHINGTON – “The unending stream of stories that detail the depth of Secretary Elaine Chao’s improper use of taxpayer dollars to boost her husband Mitch McConnell’s political career is alarming,” said Kyle Herrig, president of Accountable.US. “This type of political corruption is a threat to our democracy and destroys Americans’ faith in government. Chao’s corruption has gone unchecked for too long. It’s time for House Oversight to expand its investigation to encompass her department’s unethical favoritism towards Kentucky in order to help her husband’s political career. Enough is enough.”

Politico: How Chao’s team helped McConnell’s state win its largest DOT grant

By Tanya Snyder and Tucker Doherty

Kentucky’s largest transportation grant application under the Trump administration benefited from a process that the government’s top watchdog said lacked “the assurance of fairness,” raising questions about whether the Department of Transportation is making decisions based on project merits or political considerations.

The $67.4 million grant application for Boone County — a rapidly growing suburban district of political importance to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the husband of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao — was initially flagged by professional staff as incomplete. But after giving the state and local officials behind the application an extra opportunity to submit missing information, Chao chose it as one of 26 grant winners out of an initial pool of 258 applicants.

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