At CPAC, Chao Brags About Rolling Back Consumer Protections

WASHINGTON, D.C. –  Earlier today at CPAC, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao bragged to the crowd of far-right political activists that she’s “really proud of the fact that the Department of Transportation is number one in terms of our deregulatory activities. We have actually implemented 63 deregulatory agenda items.”

That may be an applause line at one of the many political events Chao participates in, but it’s a dud with the millions of consumers that have been hurt by Chao’s pro-special interest agenda.

Here are a few of the most troubling actions Chao has taken as transportation secretary that have benefitted special interests and hurt consumers who rely on her agency:

  • Proposing a rule that would deregulate unfair airline practices, making it tougher for DOT to enforce penalties on air carrier misconduct. The special interest group Airlines for America pushed the rule after spending a jaw-dropping $20,000,000 on high-powered lobbyists during the Trump administration.
  • Suspending a rule intended to protect wheelchair-bound airline passengers from airlines breaking or losing their wheelchairs, resulting in a lawsuit against Chao by the Paralyzed Veterans of America.
  • Suspending a proposal protecting air travelers from hidden fees.
  • Failing to implement congressional rules requiring that families be seated together on airplanes, resulting in complaints from more than 130 families who were seated apart.


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