Chao Claimed DOT Uses Taxpayer Dollars Prudently; Watchdog Calls Foul

Secretary Elaine Chao touted the Department of Transportation’s use of taxpayer money, despite long pattern of unfair distribution to states

WASHINGTON – This week, Secretary Elaine Chao reportedly touted the Department of Transportation (DOT)’s commitment to American taxpayers, claiming the agency is “using taxpayers’ dollars carefully, prudently, and wisely,” despite a repeated pattern of financial favoritism towards Kentucky. Restore Public Trust released the following statement in response:

“Rewarding her favorite states with taxpayer money while withholding it from others isn’t a ‘careful’ or ‘prudent’ use of taxpayer dollars, but that’s exactly how Secretary Chao has run the Department of Transportation,” said Lizzy Price, director of Restore Public Trust. “Under Elaine Chao’s leadership, states like Kentucky — where Chao’s husband Mitch McConnell will run for reelection next year — are getting more than their fair share of DOT money as Americans elsewhere across the country get shortchanged. Chao may think this is a ‘wise’ way to use taxpayer dollars, but in reality, it’s just a corrupt one. Chao must be held accountable.”

Chao stated that the transportation department is “using taxpayers’ dollars carefully, prudently and wisely, never forgetting that the American taxpayer is who we report to” as she touted the $8 billion the Trump administration has given the state of Florida since 2017 during a speech in Palm Beach this Monday.


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