All Eyes On Chao as Ethics Probe Swirls

Restore Public Trust Calls for Investigation into Chao for Financial Conflicts of Interest

WASHINGTON — A series of stories over the past week in national and local press have detailed Transportation Secretary Chao’s manipulation of government resources for self-gain, her husband’s political career, and for the financial profit of her family. Now, Congress is poised to launch an investigation into Chao over allegations she violated ethics laws.

“Secretary Chao appears to be the new Ryan Zinke and Congress must decide if she should go,” said Lizzy Price, spokesperson for Restore Public Trust. “Chao has used her tax-payer funded position to advance her priorities and those of her husband and her family. This kind of corruption is exactly what Americans hate, which is why there should be a Congressional investigation into Chao’s corruption.”

Chao used her position to boost her husband, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s political career and promote her family business, the Foremost Group. She is also under scrutiny for financial conflicts of interest including failures to divest in companies that directly lobby the Transportation Department and for her involvement in the waves of consumer abuse scandals at Wells Fargo while she served as a board member.

Restore Public Trust called upon the Department of Transportation to open an investigation into Chao for having likely violated financial conflict-of-interest restrictions under federal law. Restore Public Trust also filed a lawsuit last week for the documents related to the Foremost Group that the department has thus far refused to provide since they were originally requested in December. See below for a roundup of coverage on Chao and her conflicts.

News Coverage


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