Ahead of Drug Pricing Hearing, Eli Lilly and Former Executive Secretary Alex Azar Missing

Seven Big Pharma Executives Set To Testify, But Not Alex Azar Or His Former Employer, Eli Lilly

WASHINGTON — While seven big pharma executives are set to testify in front of the Senate Finance Committee this morning about exorbitant drug price increases, former Eli Lilly executive and current HHS Secretary Alex Azar will be conspicuously absent. What’s more, Eli Lilly — which increased the price of several drugs between 200 and 400 percent during Azar’s tenure — couldn’t be bothered to send a representative to the hearing.

“It’s no surprise that pharmaceutical insider Alex Azar is skipping out on this crucial hearing on drug pricing. While a top executive at Eli Lilly, Azar oversaw massive increases on life-saving drugs and as head of HHS, he’s been asleep at the wheel as prices continue to climb,” said Lizzy Price, spokeswoman for Restore Public Trust. “Is Azar missing today’s hearing to duck serious questions about his own history with raising drug prices? Americans deserve to know if their HHS Secretary is in the pocket of big pharmaceutical companies.”

Read more about Azar’s history of increasing drug prices here.


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