After Months of Ethics Questions, Restore Public Trust Applauds House Transportation Committee for Investigating Sec. Chao

WASHINGTON — Following a deluge of corruption stories about Secretary Elaine Chao using her position to benefit her family’s business and husband’s political career, Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney announced last night on “The Rachel Maddow Show” that the House Transportation Committee plans to investigate Chao. In the interview, Rep. Maloney called out Chao’s corruption, saying, “That’s wrong. It’s not politics as usual. It’s nepotism. And the public deserves to know what the truth is.”

“We’re pleased that Congress is taking its oversight role seriously and will investigate Secretary Chao,” said Lizzy Price, spokesperson for Restore Public Trust. “From failing in her oversight roles at scandal-plagued Wells Fargo and the Department of Transportation, to using her position to score political points for her husband and benefit her family’s company, the time has come for Chao to be investigated. Chao has proven herself to be a shrewd and secretive political player but she can no longer hide her unethical behavior from the American people.”

Restore Public Trust first called on Congress to investigate Secretary Chao in December 2018 over her role in Wells Fargo’s abuses in bilking customers and targeting seniors, veterans, and immigrants. Wells Fargo’s abuses around that time recently resulted in a $240 million settlement. Below is a roundup of RPT’s work:

Chao Using Her Position to Boost Her Husband’s Political Career

Chao’s Promotion of her Family’s Business

Chao’s Oversight Failures at Scandal-Plagued Wells Fargo

Chao’s Oversight Failures at Department Of Transportation

Chao’s Ethics Lapses


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