After Months of Allegations, NYT Editorial Board Weighs In on Chao and McConnell Conflicts

WASHINGTON – Earlier this week, in response to new reporting that Chao has used her position to give undue attention to Kentucky, House Transportation Committee Chair Peter DeFazio sent a letter to the Inspector General asking for an investigation into Chao’s Kentucky favoritism. Today, The New York Times’ Editorial Board weighed in on the conflicts surrounding Chao and her husband, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell:

“There is no evidence that Ms. Chao has broken any laws. But the potential for conflict of interest runs deep — in multiple directions. The secretary and the Senate leader have done little to avoid the appearance of unfair play, instead seeming to revel in their role as one of Washington’s pre-eminent power couples.”

“Questions continue to mount for Secretary Elaine Chao and she can’t avoid answering them for much longer,” said Lizzy Price, director of Restore Public Trust. “It’s time for Chao to come clean and answer for her pattern of corrupt behavior.”

The editorial highlights DeFazio’s letter about Chao’s Kentucky favoritism, House Oversight’s investigation into her conflicts with Vulcan Materials and her family’s shipping company, The Foremost Group, and repeated reporting into these conflicts. 


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